How to get to The Point

We recommend Rocky Fast Boat as they have proven to be safe and reliable. Your transfer begins with them collecting you from Denpasar International Airport or your accommodation in Bali and takes you all the way to the front door of The Point. They are the only boat company that has docking access at both Sanur and Lembongan.

Rocky Fast Cruise:

  • The easiest way is to arrange pickup and dropoff through Rocky Fast Cruise. They will pick you up at the airport or your accommodation in Bali and take you to the port in Sanur. They will then ferry you to Nusa Lembongan and drive you to The Point upon arrival. They are also the only ferry service that has a dock, so you do not have to get into the water when debarking the ferry. Upon your departure, they will repeat all steps, and drop you off in Bali at the airport or another location of your choosing. They are a little more expensive, but are the easiest way to travel.
  • Send Message to arrange pick-up/drop-off
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Alternative transportation:

  • You can arrange your own transportation from the airport to the port at Sanur using either taxis or Grab cars (similar to Uber or Lyft). Once at the port, there are 4 options for ferries (including Rocky) that you can book through. TANIS will drop you off at Dream Beach which is the closest drop-off location to The Point. However, you will have to enter the water to debark the boat. Our on-site manager will meet you at the beach and take you to The Point. This option saves you a little money and time (the ferry ride and drive to The Point are about 25-30 min less), but requires much more personal planning. Plus, the port at Sanur is extremely busy and can be confusing to navigate.
  • There are smaller boats available. Kai Koa is a new ‘Very Fast Boat’ that now makes the Bali – Lembongan run. They do not include land transfers and exiting the boat on Lembongan is done at Jungut Batu Beach.

Get around in the island

There are only 2 forms of transportation on the island: small "taxi" vehicles and motorbikes (mopeds). Most of the cars will charge you anywhere from 100,000-150,000 IDR per trip. If going to another resort for a meal, they will sometimes provide transport for free. Same with most of the excursion and tour companies. If you want to rent a motorbike the cost is anywhere from 80,000-100,000 IDR per day. If you are comfortable on motorbikes, this is an amazing way to explore the island, and can also cross the bridge to Nusa Ceningan. However, the roads on the island are extremely narrow, and many of them are in disrepair, so you have to be comfortable and confident on a motorbike to remain safe.


Sunset Rd, Jungutbatu, Nusa
Penida, Klungkung Regency
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